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Why to choose Anandam Events?

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Wedding entertainment

Weddings are remembered for long time as this is a onetime very special occasion in the life of bride and groom and other family members also are equally involved. Everything from decoration to food is important but entertainment show is enjoyed by all present. Anandam events wants that entertainment show is presented in such a way so that all baraatis pay full attention and get themselves involved and entertained as well. We provide singers of quality who mesmerize the audience. Orchestra adds flavor to the show. We have full team of talented and trained artists. In addition we provide dancers who are perfect in their job. Punjabi dancers, bollywood dancers , gujrati dances, haryanvi dancers, rajasthani dancers are always in demand. Our dancers and not only trained but take care of their decent dresses and behavior that impresses one and all. In addition we provide variety of entertainers who make the whole atmosphere very creative and entertaining. Now a days foreign artists are in good demand. Right from instrumentalists to dancers foreign artist catches the eyes quickly. Anandam events ensures that foreign artists are also very talented and maintain good decorum. Ananam events is best company in India in the field of entertainment and many bollywood tv and film actors, singers, muscians love to work with the company. Anandam Events is the most trusted event planner in Delhi or the whole of NCR.

Vermala concepts and bride groom entries

We feel very happy and proud when anandam events is considered as number one company as regard to vermala concepts. We have all home production. As soon as we find that vermala new concepts are required we work hard to create something which has not been visualized earlier and clients finds the same exclusive for them . Our designers work all the time to bring something new to the market. Vermala concepts are in fashion for last many years and hence people look for something new and here with anandam events their search is over. To their satisfaction we provide the concepts keeping in mind the test of the client and budget as well. Right from London bridge to liberty to globe to book theme. We have all and now a days simple led screen and Nigeria fall at reasonable rates are quite popular. Along with vermala concepts we provide bride and groom entries like chatar, baggi, car, dancers , flower entry ,balloon entry, elephant teeth entry at very reasonable rates. There are farm houses, banquet halls and huge tents where marriages take place and we ensure that according to venue we provide vermala concepts and entries. Anandam events has earned its reputation on the basis of hard work and creativity.


Anandam events has been doing decoration for last ten years to the satisfaction of the clients. It is really a matter of pride for us to mention that our clients who get the decoration job done for once recommend our name to their friends and relations. Our way of working is very different from other competitors as we sit with the client before we conceptualize the pattern of decoration. After receiving suggestions from the client and minutely observing their test we give the final touch to our whole concept. As all are well aware that decoration involves lights, flowers and decorative items and all need lot of home work as everything has to be done on matching basis. We also take care that whole decoration has innovative look. We do not go for modern kind of decoration but always look for something that gives exclusive look. Anandam events has earned name only because of its sincerity towards the job. Another aspect is pricing. During the times of inflation all clients want that job should be done at very reasonable price and anandam events understanding the need of the time anandam events take good care of the budget. So do remember us whenever you have function like wedding, birthday party or any festivity. Anandam Events is the best wedding planner in Delhi/NCR

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