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Responsibilities of a professional wedding decorator

Making everything perfect on your wedding day is the main aim of the wedding decorator. The wedding decorator team starts working a few months before the wedding when they begin working closely with the client to develop their design and ideas and plan how to implement and create the final look. The wedding decorator have a professional team who can create a design that represents everything you are visualizing in a wedding ceremony. They provide you full support in idealizing your design and focuses mainly on creating a custom design just for you.

Event decorators are responsible for creating a visual experience of what the client wants like the theme or tone of an event. Wedding decorators use their creative minds and imagination to create unique and outstanding designs for all wedding events. They use their creativity to come up with new and trending ideas for the overall theme of an event.


⦁Design the Wedding

The first responsibility of the wedding decorator is to understand the client’s taste, choice of colors, preference of themes their idea of a dream wedding as a couple, and our team has to be on the same page and work accordingly to make your dream come true.

Our team helps you in creating wedding hashtags for couples and assists you in picking the décor that suits your ideas best, the type of lights, and the kind of aesthetics that will match your taste and like to turn your dream wedding into reality.

⦁Understand the vision of the client

Wedding decorators consider some level of clients’ ideas and design preferences, as it is important for them to know about clients’ thoughts and requirements. Our team also provides you with inspirational photos as it helps to easily describe something you like so that we can create it for you. You need to discuss your wedding attire, choice of favorite flowers, etc. so they can understand of what styles you are drawn to and select the color scheme of the entire decoration accordingly.

⦁Search for Vendors & Referrals

According to the budget and the client’s taste define what kind of vendors they are looking for the wedding to be perfect. There are thousands of options available for vendors for a single service in one city. Thus, choosing the right vendors according to the requirements and budget becomes a very difficult and time-consuming task. More the options, the more confusing it gets. Therefore, wedding decorators have a list of vendors with whom they have worked before. The team will suggest the best vendors within your budget. This will help you save a lot of time and mental stress.

⦁Schedule Meetings with Vendors

Once the list of vendors gets finalized, the wedding decorator team will follow up with the vendor and schedule the meeting. Our team of experts will plan and coordinate everything about the décor of the wedding functions with the vendors and will brief them about all the ideas and requirements of the client as this will save a lot of money and reduce the burden on the customers.

⦁Manage Wedding Décor Finances

The main purpose of wedding decorators is to set up the décor for the different events in the way you wish. The wedding décor finances mainly depend upon the type of decoration the client is demanding keeping in mind the budget. Our team takes care that all the wishes of the client are fulfilled within the set budget.

⦁Point person

The wedding decorator act as a point person for all vendors and other staff. Our team will ensure everyone has the appropriate and timely information for all the functions that are to be held during the wedding. We also keep a check that all the events are in order and payments are fully secured.

⦁Day-of logistics

A wedding decorator will help you determine about the timeline and vendor flow of all your wedding events. Our professionals are always there to make sure that everything runs smoothly and on time.

⦁Décor plan creation

Creating a perfect décor plan for your wedding ceremony and reception is the main responsibility of our team. Our coordinators will work on the venue decoration and determine how the decoration should be, input on color, design, and themes of different events like the Mehendi ceremony, Haldi, cocktail night, and sangeet.


The wedding decorator team uses different organizational skills to keep track of their materials and make sure that they have each and everything with them to complete the wedding projects. They use these skills as they help them to keep a check on everything including the time limit and to meet their deadlines.

⦁Time management

Wedding decorators have strong time management skills. Their main responsibility is to work with proper time management as they have many tasks to complete in a short period. An event decorator is responsible for creating a theme for an event, designing the decorations, dealing with the vendors, setting up the decorations, and taking down the decorations. Having strong time management skills can help them to complete their work effectively and efficiently.


Wedding decorators have problem-solving skills as they have to find solutions to challenges, they face during the entire wedding. As if the venue where they’re planning an event doesn’t have the right decorations, they may need to find the best possible way to get the decorations they need to make the client happy and satisfied. We also use problem-solving skills to find different ways to save money on decorations or to find ways how to use the previous event’s decorations.

Wedding decorator in Delhi will need to stay up-to-date and should be aware of the latest trends in the market. They are responsible to make a memorable event for the client by understanding their vision by using colors, textures, and decorations that reflect their vision. In addition, they can also create spaces that are interactive and engaging, which will keep guests interested and memorable for everyone.

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