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Photography and event go hand in hand

Photography is the art of making beautiful memories lasts forever. Everyone needs a photographer in their events whether it is big event or small. Everyone hires a professional photographer to capture the main event. You can relive the passed moments when our photographers are there to capture them.

Weddings are a carnival of colours where a lot of things happen at once. Capturing every detail would be challenging for you, but it’s quite interesting too at the same time. Our photography experts are here to capture each and every moment of the best day of your life. Anandam Events cover everything under their service, whether candid photography, cinematography, or an amazing pre-wedding shoot. Our professionals are ready to travel to any location to shoot your wedding. They will capture every emotion and every moment of your D-day and give you happy memories for life.

If you’re looking for a passionate photographer that amazes you with every click, then Anandam Events is the answer. We allow you to choose the best wedding photographer for your big day. Anandam Events provides you with beautiful memories of the celebration with your loved ones. Our team have experience of creative wedding photoshoot ideas that can create absolute magic for you. Every element of a wedding is equally important, from wedding cards to wedding rings. Wedding photography trends have changed nowadays. Everything needs to be captured in the camera, casual and realistic pictures of the bride and groom getting ready for their big day is a must have, beautiful portraits of bride’s makeup, decorated wedding venue and many more. Our experts ensure that they catch the real connections of your loved ones, a visual memory of the story of your wedding day. Take a moment to look at our photoshoots and decide what kind of poses you'd like to give during your photoshoot. The small details make an album quite lively. On your Day we make you feel like a celebrity and follow your every glimpse like paparazzi. Your every click becomes a story and every smile becomes a memory as we craft your dream wedding. With our experienced and talented team, we promise to provide you with the best memories with your loved one. We’re here to help you arranging wedding photography specialists for every wedding related event keeping in with your vision and budget.

The wide range of service offered include the following:

• Wedding photography and videography

• Pre-wedding shoots

• Candid casual photo shoot for bride and groom

• Traditional videography and photography

• Cinematography

• Customized Photo Books

• Photobooth

Each frame is artfully captured according to the client's wishes and specifications. We’re here to capture every smile.

Types Of Events

Bachelor/ Hen parties, Engagement, Sangeet/ Cocktail, Mehndi, Reception, Theme parties,Special events, Wedding.

Equipment Used

Drones, HD Cameras, Slow Motion Cameras, High speed Cameras

We love what we do! We have been professionally covering weddings since many years and enjoying every moment of it. Our team is a group of professional experts creating memories for you and your family. Our team pays attention to both creative and technical aspects of aspects of photography. We've all dreamed about having an exceptional love story. And what is a better way to capture your love story than a pre wedding shoot? We have unique ideas to make your pre wedding photo shoot fun and loving in exquisite locations. We get to know you and your family in a better way. All you need to do is talk in detail with our photography team so that you both are on same page. This will likewise help the team to prepare for the big day and ensure that there will be no unwanted surprises.

A pre wedding shoot is fun and candid shoot as compared to a wedding photoshoot. It is unique and personalized as every couple has a different story to tell. We use the pre wedding shoot pictures for making digital invites. The images curated from a pre wedding shoot can be used by couples in multiple ways, ‘couple’s journey’ videos and saving them as memories to look back on. We will take your ideas for location, poses, and dresses and give you some creative photographs that will remind you of the time you lived your fairy tale. Your pre wedding photographer should be coming up with suggestions and discussing them with you at best for choosing the right location for your pre wedding shoot. The final decision to select and book a particular location for the photoshoot will be yours entirely.

Wedding photography is fast paced and full of challenges. You need to choose the right team for your big day as you are gathering moments for the future. Our team is always camera ready to capture down each and every glimpse of your wedding as there is no second chance. Our team is ready to get the shot whenever it happens. Bringing out the best in every person is the goal. We are here to capture timeless, elegant and eternal wedding memories for every bride and groom. Our photography team have young, experienced & talented cinematographers & photographers with unique ideas to give your memories a pause in an intellectual way. The job of photographers is to capture the moments as they are. They are ready to pour out their heart and soul into their work. You just need to hand over your wedding day worries and stress to our photographers. We will take care of every little detail. You won't have to worry about anything. We provide every option for you to feel comfortable and beautiful. Our team use top quality lenses and equipment to make sure that all your special features are captured perfectly and professionally. Our team is not just a photography team, but they are a team of magicians who create magic in your special moments to give you the best wedding portfolio. We make your fairy tales come true. We are committed towards our work to make an inspiring wedding journey for you. We bring out the best for you, as this is what we’re specialised in! And our team is set to make that day memorable for you.

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