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Anandam Events is a full-service event planning company. We support every social and/or corporate event all over India. Our planning team organise the planning, design and coordinating the event to the highest standard and as per the client demand. Above all, we are specializing in destination wedding and on the other hand, we offer our services according to our client's personal style, taste and preferences.

Our team has planned many events in India, but, on the other hand we always dream of exploring the next destination. Therefore, we can plan any type of wedding ceremony you can think of, from a simple and elegant ceremony on the beach to a grand wedding party in a luxurious resort.

Anandam Events vision is to plan the wedding based on each client’s personality, needs, and requirements and we try to give our clients the experience of a lifetime!

Moreover, our team main aim is to offer a truly unique and joyful experience to our clients and their guests. We completely try that; each individual in the event is in complete alignment with our clients’ budget, desires and standards. Above all, our main aim is to take away all the stress and difficulties from the client mind by designing an event. Most importantly, our expert team is here to smoothly run your wedding and arrange all the details, in order to create an event that is beyond your expectations. Our team wants you to do is trust us, so that we will create your perfect “story” and your dream wedding come true.

We believe that getting married is, without no doubt, is one of the most beautiful days in everyone’s life as it’s the time when you and your partner begins and rejoice the new beginning together. And we believe what could be a better way to freeze and celebrate this special moment in time than choosing a lovely and wonderful destination for the wedding.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go far as here is Anandam Events to find a place that can make your D-Day even more special. We can all make your wedding ceremony unforgettable can be found in India itself – from sun-kissed beaches and scenic mountains to opulent palaces, ancient forts and grand hotels and resorts.

The Anandam Events will make you a pocket friendly wedding package according to your needs and desire that fits in your budget to include everything you need to hot your wedding at our location. Our team helps you to book the Venue, CateringService, Decoration, and Lighting, Photography service, Entertainment and extra pieces we need to create your dream destination wedding. Our experts team just wants you to all you have to do is ENJOY and we will take care of the rest.

In destination wedding all the preparations are usually more complicated for the clients. Our team gives A to Z service which is ideal for our clients who need on the ground support to make their big day happen. Our team have a wide list of high-level services available to fulfil your fantasies and organize your D-Day just as you have always imagined.

Our expert team tries to guide you through every step of the destination wedding planning process which covers all creative, organizational, technical and logistical area to make your wedding special.

While planning for a destination wedding, we keep in mind that it must be safe and we have all of the resources you need in your wedding. Our expert team also Our expert team also make sure that there are no recent travel warnings, political issues, or health concerns in the region. We make sure that you remain undeterred, make sure that your guests are fully informed and none of your guests will feel uncomfortable due to their religion, gender, or sexual preference because of destination wedding.

When it comes to do a destination wedding it’s best to expect the unexpected. Our expert teams also invest in wedding insurance as it will help our clients to protect our client financial investment and plus offer some emotional assurance, as some venues even require it. We believe it's best to do all the arrangement well in advance and get crystal-clear on what are resort policies and the type of coverage they are offering.

We plan destination wedding in luxurious resorts in foreign lands and different locations in the country, the concept has extended to include smaller hill or beach weddings according to your budget. The Covid-confined Indian wants to break free from local, large functions to treat in outstation, grand destination wedding celebrations.

Depending on our client budget, our expert team plans the wedding destinations ca into three segments: luxury, mid-segment and budget. The resorts/hotel costs mainly include the stay, food, decoration and use of venues. Most of the resorts/hotel provides add-on services for an extra cost, while some include a few services and staff in the package, and yet others offer end-to-end in destination wedding management .Our expert understand that there is very small price to pay for the convenience that comes from planning and dealing with complex dynamics location of a destination wedding.

Our wedding planning usually provide end-to end services, we try to cover all including guest hospitality, travel and transfers, food and beverages, entertainment, and photography, and many more to make your day fun and loving.

As our planner or coordinator are specialized in destination weddings. We also keep in mind that in this way, instead of spending hours on phone calls trying to overcome a language barrier or making administrative decisions from miles away. As our expert takes care of all the client requirements and desires and try to fulfill by giving their best in planning and execution .Our planning experts try to plan the best destination wedding under your budget as we understand the importance of wedding day in your life. Our main aim is to find the best and better way to find how to gel up and have fun in the wedding and also to make this special moment in time by choosing a charming and breathtaking destination for your wedding

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