Music Show Oragnisers

Music Show Organisers in Delhi

Anandam Events is always effective in creating an aura with a professional and creative music team that is full of melody and harmony. Our forte is Music and we believe in living music in every moment. We always try to give the best& memorable performances as we have vast experience in the field of music whether it be a New Year Show, Lohri Function, Diwali Celebration, Ladies Sangeet, Devotional Programmes, Gazal Shows, Rock &Pop, this makes us one of the best Music Show Organisers in Delhi.

Can anyone think of life without Music? Music has a binding effect on everyone’s lives as it has the power to mesmerize them. Music is known as another name for love as it touches the soul. We have experts who render music in a way that soothes everyone’s ears, makes everyone dance, works like meditation, and can bring peace to your life.

Music Show Organizers in Delhi

Anandam Events is known for rendering really delightful Music/Dance Shows, whether it be a Corporate Show, School Annual Day Function, College Fest, Star Night, Wedding Event, Wedding Anniversary, Get together, Birthday Parties, Mehendi Night, Devotional Program, New Year Eve, Lohri/Diwali/Holi Function or any other function or event on any special day. Our professional team of Singers, Orchestra groups, Dancers, and Sound & Light Operators are dedicated and enthusiastic about Music.

We perform an excessive variety of musical shows in India. Here are the few forms listed below.


    We have got a large variety of Music and Dance shows and events to add fun and enjoyment to your occasions that include Foreign Dance shows and Indian Traditional dances (a few Dance forms are Tanoura Dance, Russian Belly Dance, African Acrobat, Pixel Act, Fire Dance, Laser Show, Western Dance, Hip Hop, Break Dance, Salsa Dance, Tap Dance, Contemporary Dance, Punjabi Dance, Rajasthani Dance, etc)and a splendid variety of singing group from Delhi, Bollywood, and International known Singing Stars.

    Our team can also organize Celebrity performances from Bollywood and Hollywood.

    At wedding functions, the music and dance shows have become the most important thing to consider as it brings entertainment for the guests present at the wedding. It adds colors to the wedding and makes it special and memorable for everyone.

    Anandam Events, the wedding show organizers in Delhi, have a brilliant team of singers, dancers, anchors, mimicry artists, and musicians who are highly skilled in this field. We are also specialized in arranging different Bollywood actors and singers to make your event or wedding more happening with our artistic approach.

    Our inspiration at Anandam Events is the head Jagdish Rawtani, who is filled with a great variety of talents. He has worked as an actor in more than 30 serials, written around 25 serials, and also written lyrics for 8 serials. He composes music and is also a singer who writes bhajans and gazals. His multi-talent personality has inspired everyone in the company to be creative and smart working like him.

    His hard-working personality has done miracles and it motivates the entire team of Anandam Events to perform brilliantlyand reach out to clients which are the company’s motto also.

    Anandam Events has turned out to be one of the top wedding entertainment organizers in Delhi NCR. Anandam Events provides dance troops that include Western Dances, Punjabi Dances, Rajasthani Dances, Haryanvi Dances, and international dances such as Latino Dance, Russian Led Dance, Ballet Dance Act, Russian Quick Change, Tanura Dance, Belly Dance, Russian Group Dance Aerial Act, Pixel POI act, African Acrobats, Pole Dance and many more. We also organize Music Shows including local singers, Bollywood singers, international bands, Sufi bands, rock bands, International Symphony bands, karaoke singers, qawwali and Gazal singers, and Indian and Foreign DJ players.


    Bollywood songs play a great role in making Hindi Films successful. Any movie is incomplete without songs as songs are made to attract the audience. The songs of movies are released before the movie is out as it compels the audience to go and watch the movie in the theatre. The popularity of the song does not depend upon the movie, whether the movie gets top ratings or low ratings.

    Anandam Events feels proud to have a team of professional singers who maintain the originality of the songs while performing. Our team is highly talented in singing the Bollywood numbers and gets applauded by everyone. 

    Though these songs are considered light music and not classical these film songs are also sung by great background singers and therefore become important for other singers also to be well trained to copy them and sing on stage for the audience.

  • CELEBRITY CONCERT: Anandam Events has been in contact with Bollywood celebrity singers and we organize events according to the requirements of the clients. Our dedicated team is well known for making all the arrangements from booking the tickets, hotel booking, and security arrangements for the celebrity singers so that our clients do not have to spare time for these arrangements. The kind of singers depends upon the budget of the clients as we have different singers ranging from small to high amount charges.

  • ROCK SHOW: Rock Show is an exclusive band show which is trending and most demanding nowadays, especially by youngsters. We are also organizing rock show bands in Pubs and Hotels for many years. Anandam Events artists also perform Rock Band show on the roads, which is becoming popular nowadays.

  • SYMPHONY BAND: Anandam Events has its own symphony band that mesmerizes the audience whenever they perform. The number of artists for the band is chosen according to the budget of the clients. It generally differs from 10-60 instrument players and we also add foreign instrument players to the band team according to the requirement.

  • STAGE,LIGHT & SOUND ARRANGEMENTS: Anandam Events has its own in-house Stage, Light & Sound arrangements as stage, light, and sound are the main thing and they also add attractiveness to the performances. We make sure that all light and sound equipment is of the best quality and latest technology as this boosts the quality of the performance of the artists.