Ghazal Singing

Ghazal Singers In Delhi

One of the most revered forms of music and the most popular among the people of Anandam Events, Ghazal Singer In Delhi. Anandam Events can liven up your evening with soothing Ghazals from contemporary to the modern times. Be it a pre-wedding event or just a reminiscing evening with your buddies on a farmhouse, we can spice up your precious moments with silken voices singing some of the golden ghazals of all time great singers.
GHAZAL SINGING SHOW: Ghazal is a poetry that has a tough meter and rhyme to follow. As the Ghazal writing is difficult Ghazal Singing is equally tough. It has different style of singing than Singing Geet as it has to have classical touch and should be sung to express the deep meaning of couplets of Ghazal. We at Anandam Events have singers who are well qualified to sing Ghazals and keep the audience mesmerized.


SUFI MUSIC SHOW: Right from ancient times our saints used to sing in a incredible melodious and classical style the local songs may it be punjabi, gujrati, rajasthani or any in any other language that used to have great impact on the listners as this style was very tough and so forceful to impress the audience. Sufi style has this ability to capture the audience, make them dance, smile and bring tears into their eyes out of ecstasy. Anandam Events is lucky to have Sufi singers who have touch of traditional style of sufi music of Bulle Shah and with the passage of time they have mastered the art of singing in modern style keeping the purity of this wonderful form of Sufism.