Artist Management Companies In Delhi

Anandam Events is well known as internation artists management company in Delhi. There is craze all over india to call Foreigner Artists like Harp player, Sexaphone player, Tanoura Dancer, Belly Dance who add flavour to the show. Music and Dance programme with India Artists is in vogue and when this programme consists of International dance troupe and International musicians gathering is attracted. These international Artist and acts as named Russian Group Dance,Tanora Dance,Belly Dance,Aerial Act,Balloon Dance Act, Fire Dance Act,Russian Quick Change Act,Red Carper Welcome Girl,Flower Welcome Girl,Human Live Water Fountain Act,Flute Mermaid Act,Welcome Hostess Girl,Gogo Dancer,Russian Belly Dancer,Chandalier Act,Bar Tender Girl,Taqila Shot Girl,Eye Candy Girl,Pole Dancer,Bar Tender Girl,Led Table Girl,Bar Table Girl,Foreigner Dj,Sexaphone player,Violen player,Fluet player,Russian Dhol Band,Brazilian Carnival Girls,Dummy Violin Girl,Foreigner Angel Girls,Foreigner Apsara Girl, etc are from different parts of the world. Hence they bring culture of their particular country that charms the people of India. Anandam Events enrolls these artists for wedding season so that they are available whenever the demand happens. Human Beings love music but when something new or different is presented they are more fascinated with the performances.

Tanoura Dancers,Rusiian Group Dancers,sexaphone players, Fluet players etc being professionals, work hard to ensure that their perfromances are class worthy and different depicting cultural variety and depth so as to make the gathering stand and watch with interest. This professional approach now known to people in India actually have attracted them to call for these international artist If marriage is due to take place in your family or friend circle you must try engaging these artists and we assure that you would get worth of your money. So just note down our numbers Jagdish Rawtani Anandam 9811150638, Tarun Rawtani 9871667970.